Empower Women

Increasing knowledge, self-confidence, and awareness of gender equity.

As normal human beings, we are always concerned about the safety of women in our families. For USES, the whole world is a family and we aim to establish a network and platform that benefit women in a variety of ways.

We adopt various measures to improve women’s ability to earn income beyond traditional occupations, achieve economic self-reliance, and ensure women’s equal access to the labour market and social security system.

  • Enhance societal consciousness about gender inequality. Eliminate all forms of violence against women, in the domestic as well as in the public sphere
  • Helping girls and women to learn advocacy skills and know their rights
  • Raising awareness about the causes of poor health and wellbeing
  • Breaking the cycle of poverty, vulnerability and disempowerment
  • Nurture natural talents of girls and women both in the urban and rural areas
  • Entrepreneurship and skill development programs to make women more employable and self-reliant. Help them to set up their own businesses.
  • Assist in the marketing of products made by them
  • Create awareness about micro finance, banking & financial product facilities
  • Facilitate women in taking benefits from established schemes and agencies
  • Give them insight, to think about their individual identity and aspirations
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