About Our Founder

Nishant USP

Mitr. Nishant USP, the Founder and President of Universal Sadhana for Eternal Seva is an Explorer, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Social Initiator and Universal Spiritual Practitioner. While following a spiritual path he is on his journey of self-exploration, evolving day by day and inching towards the ultimate. Having a firm belief that he has come into this world for a purpose, Nishant USP has decided to devote his life to all the missions which he has been carrying since his young age. He also believes that these are not only his missions but will become the ‘Missions of Millions’.

Something very different and mystical happened to Nishant USP on his birthday on May 16, 2019 while he was into meditation. Since then many significant changes have taken place in his life, though he has been exploring it and trying to understand its meaning and purpose for the last many years. He left his corporate life and went to Sadhguru’s Ashram at Coimbatore in the 2nd week of July, 2019 for spiritual seeking and exploration. After staying in the Ashram for around a year he left for the Himalayan Yatra.

Since his childhood, Nishant USP has also been connected and associated with several spiritual organisations and has got opportunities to understand and experience various aspects of life. Isha, Art of Living, YSS, RK Mission, Iskcon, Gayatri Pariwar, Sri Aurobindo and Osho are just a few of the spiritual organisations and masters with whom he has remained engaged and progressed in some way.

While deeply exploring life and its purpose from the last two decades, Nishant USP has worked and gained expertise in concept discovery, innovation, strategic planning, business (sales-marketing) development and execution, team building, leadership as well as consulting and mentoring. He has worked with a variety of people and businesses to help them realise their full potential, and the journey is constantly ongoing.

Coming from a small business family and having lost his father in his young age, he joined his family’s firm, beginning his professional and social life. He began his career as an entrepreneur before moving into the corporate sphere. He has had the pleasure of working with a number of notable corporations, including Pidilite, Reynolds, Bengal Surgical, Paras Pharma, Alembic, Medimix, Bharti Airtel, Emami, Reliance Money, Angel Broking, Bonanza Portfolio, Isha Arogya and many more. He was also associated with social and trade organisations like, Lions Club International, Chamber of Commerce and others.

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