Children & Youth Club

Developing leaders of tomorrow.

USES believes that equal opportunities for every child and youth is the cornerstone of any civilization. Children are the building blocks of any nation’s future. All children must have the same opportunities to succeed in life, irrespective of the circumstances they are born into.

We need to invest in their potential today, so that they can become the scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, sportspeople, journalists, teachers and social leaders of tomorrow!

  • Design programs for the holistic development of children aged 5+ to 18 years, to enhance their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Health & hygiene education for adolescents and aware them regarding the ill effects of early marriage, ill reproductive & sexual health, frequent child births and increasing population
  • Upgrade their home-based skills, life skills and vocational skills
  • Guide them about public services, such as PHC, Post Office, Bank, Police etc.
  • Aware them about money and financial instruments and economic cycles
  • Aware them about their basic rights and responsibilities
  • Cross Friendship Clubs for Children & Youth to collaborate with each other
  • Channelize the energy & enthusiasm of youth into a positive direction
  • Enhance their creative potential by providing them various opportunities and a platform to interact, experiment, create and perform
  • Sports and fun activities, individual & team exercises & dynamic discussions that teach goal setting, good decision making, problem solving, conflict resolution and encourage pro social behaviour and cooperation
  • Aware them about our Tradition, Culture, Heritage, Civilization
  • Moral Science/ Value Education and its integration in their daily lives
  • Enable them to realize their full potential – physical, mental and spiritual
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